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  • BJ Segura

Podcast Episode: 12

Today I am joined by Meme from Meme’s Hauntings Paranormal, Nicole and Brennon from Ambient Paranormal and Canon City Local Susan to talk about our paranormal investigation at the Holy Abbey Monastery in Colorado. Come relive the darkness and joy we experienced from this beautiful place. Special thanks to Meme for bringing me on board to the Abbey as a raffle winner. This was an experience I will never forget.

I'm into traveling and running my businesses, spending time with abandoned places and nature. My goal is to help many families and clients with understanding why they have Hauntings in their houses or businesses and to keep learning more about the unknown and find answers to my questions about the afterlife.

We want to travel all over and see amazing things and feel the history in ever place we visit/investigate.

Brennan has been doing ghost investigations since the early 2000's. Nicole has been investigating since the days of shoulder VHS camcorders, the 1990s. Teaming up with Nick they are Ambient Paranormal and are here to learn about the other side while helping the living and the dead.

Susan, Caitlyn and Skye are part of a loving family that lives near the Abbey Monastery. They all share metaphysical gifts and have a curiosity for the paranormal. They came to the Abbey to connect with the spirits inside with love and respect. Each one showed me their hospitality as a newcomer to their city.


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